It Starts…

Where does one begin?

I once baked a pie. That makes me qualified to write a lifestyle blog.
I once baked a pie. That makes me qualified to write a lifestyle blog.

I’m a frugal person. I’ll gladly treat my friends to a few rounds, host a dinner, or bestow the occasional lavish gift, but when it comes to myself I am a tightwad. Every pair of pants that I own were owned by someone else, first. The same goes for most of my wardrobe and every piece of furniture I have. I’m a thrift shopper, a DIYer,  a dollar store regular, and a fan of low-budget alternatives. Walmart is where I go and get my fancy things. Full price is for suckers.

I moved across country to Big City about 8 years ago along with my partner, Rar. Since landing, we’ve been apartment hopping every couple of years. At the end of the month, we will make our 4th relocation. Many years from now, we will migrate back to our home, but as far as Big City goes, we are hoping that this will be our last stop.

Here’s the rub: It will be our smallest living space, thus far. It has two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a full bath, and even our own laundry room, but it’s all -. On top of that, it is a basement apartment, so the ceilings are low and the windows are small. Finally, obviously, we are renters. Major renovations are out of the question and small ones must be gingerly approached and pre approved.

Hence, the blog. It is my intention to will document the trials, triumphs, and total failures of which I am about to live. It will be a hodge podge of projects that will include decor, crafts, recipes, and everything in between. It’s Martha Stewart for the not-so-handy, talented, wealthy, or motivated. I am Lilly and I will be your surly hostess.